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Name: Chris Flaherty

Gender: MALE ^_^;;

DOB: May 13, 1986

Location: California, USA

Home Page:

Hobbies: Uh.. Anime, manga, pretty much all music, but Two-Mix and Megumi Hayashibara are the best... I like writing stories (well not really ^^;; but I'm pretty good at it), talking to people on the net, of course, oh and i love summer! And I collect DVDs, but I've only got 106 right now, so i gotta work on that.... I also make wallpapers for MIT Productions (Mine are crappy, but X's are really nice), also i play Yu-Gi-Oh, and plan to join a world tournament someday.. *gazes at sky* o.O;;

Favorite Animes: All Gundam series except 0080, Dragonball Z (NOT THE CRAPPY AMERICAN VERSION), Robotech, Macross (i've only seen Plus, but I'm looking into the rest), Martian Successor Nadesico, Gasaraki, X, Outlaw Star, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Bakuretsu Hunters, Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters, Blue Seed, Fushigi Yuugi (I'm just getting into it), Yu-Yu Hakusho, Angel Cop, Ghost In The Shell, Bubblegum Crisis, and Mononoke Hime.... I know, i know, i haven't seen shit, but as the years go on, my experience will grow! ^_^;;

What I Hate: I HATE FUNIMATION AND THEIR DAMN FRANCHISE FRENZIES.... I want to throw the president of Funimation off a large hill and watch him hit sharp pointy objects on the way down, then fall into the dark oblivion..... um i hate Zoids, Pilot Candidate, Digimon, Maze, Gundam 0080, AND I HATE ACTION MOVIES MADE AFTER ANIMES!!! (ie: G-Saviour [Gundam...hardly...], Dragonball Z) THEY ARE DISGUSTING....... I hate when people are arrogant about all the animes that they've seen, when they should be helping others get into them... Oh and i automatically hate whoever likes anything that i hate lol. >.<;

Instant Messengers: AIM: vegettack , MSN: , Yahoo: vegettack2002


1) Robotech and movies (I've got about half of the series, but I have 12 DVDs now)
2) Macross Plus (2 DVDs)
3) Macross II the movie (1 DVD)
4) Nadesico (full series- 6 DVDs)
5) Gasaraki (full series- 8 DVDs)
6) Sakura Wars (1 DVD)
7) Knights of Ramune (really strange movie!- 1 DVD)
8) Oh My Goddess! (full series- 2 DVDs)
9) Ah! My Goddess! The movie (1 DVD)
10) Utena the movie (1 DVD)
11) Big O (last DVD, cuz it had a good episode on it- 1 DVD)
12) Burn Up W (1 DVD)
13) Tenchi In Love (1 DVD)
14) Some Dragonball Z DVDs (6 DVDs)
15) Night Walker (full series- 2 DVDs)
16) Vampire Hunter D (Original version- 1 DVD)
17) X (1 DVD)
18) Twilight of the dark master (1 DVD)
19) Outlaw star (full series- 6 DVDs)
20) Mobile Suit Gundam (some of the series- 3 DVDs)
21) Slayers the motion picture (1 DVD)
22) Evangelion (full series plus a double- 9 DVDs)
23) Gundam Wing (full series- 10 DVDs) and endless waltz (1 DVD)
24) Cowboy Bebop (full series- 6 DVDs)
25) Trigun (full series- 8 DVDs)
26) Bakuretsu Hunters (full series- 4 DVDs)
27) Maze the movie (lol also a strange movie…- 1 DVD)
28) Those Who Hunt Elves (full series- 2 DVDs)
29) Gunsmith Cats (1 DVD)
30) Blue Seed (4 DVDs)
31) Dirty Pair Flash (1st DVD- 1 DVD)


I have around 80 VHS tapes, but the only ones worth mentioning are: Mononoke Hime, Bubblegum Crisis: Episodes 1-4 (Original), Ghost In The Shell, Angel Cop, Akira, and 37 Dragonball Z fansub tapes (^^;;).... The rest are pretty much crappy American dubs....

What I Can't Wait For: I can't wait for Gundam SEED to come out, I can't wait for G-Gundam to air on Cartoon network on August 5th, i can't wait for Funimation to burn in hell, I can't wait till I'm of legal age to drink alcohol....... That's about it, I'm a pretty patient guy..... . *glares at whoever disagrees*

Best Friends: Tiffany, Nikki, Nick, My Bro, Aukie, Akina, Ona, Olanda, Jordan, Jimmy, Jimmie, Brandon, Matt, Bennett, Ben, Kelsey, AND ME OF COURSE!