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Welcome to the backgrounds and wallpapers section.
Please ask permission to use any wallpapers or backgrounds on this site for your websites.

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X's Anime BGs/Wallpapers
X's Original BGs/Wallpapers

Chibimask's Anime BGs

Vegettack's Anime BGs/Wallpapers

-Updates- (WP=Wallpaper; BG=Background)
3.1.03. - Rurouni Kenshin WP from Vegettack. Battle of the Planets/Gatchaman WP and Cowboy Bebop (Faye) WP from X.
8.14.02. - BG/Wallpaper section remodeled. Some added BGs/WPs that were previously overlooked.
5.25.02. - Cowboy Bebop WPs #2 & #3 from X
5.24.02. - SCHOOL'S.. OUT FOR SUMMER! Yay, summer break! Huge update: several new WPs from Vegettack and Gundam Wing #4 & 5, BGC #3, & Once Series Set III(#1-9) from X
2.5.02. - New Member Vegettack! Vegettack's New Trigun WP (#1)
1.17.01. - We moved!!! X's New 3x3 Eyes WP and Original BGs (all 5)
12.27.01. - X's New Nadesico WP (#1) **SITE WILL HOPEFULLY MOVE SOON**
12.20.01. - Winter Break!! X's New Rurouni Kenshin WP (#2) & HUGE update on Chibimask's BGs (last 7 are new)
12.2.01. - X's New BGC Tokyo 2040 WP (#2)
11.29.01. - X's New Trigun WP (#1)
11.26.01. - X's New Love Hina WP's (#1 & 2)