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Customizable Backgrounds by X

Welcome. Here are some customizable, or partly transparent backgrounds, usually patterned. Just change your page's background color with these and presto! You have your background the color you want it with still having a background or pattern on there. Examples are beside some descriptions.


Note: These are very time efficient compared to most backgrounds.
Example: Transparent lines versus your own-made lines can cut about 2 seconds off the loading time (taken from 56.6 k/sec test).


20 special BG's Total:
Transparent Lines (shown on main page)
Short Dashes (shown on desktop page)
Small Circles (shown on art page)
Longer Dashes
Longer Dashes -Enlarged Version-
Bigger Circles
Untitled (reminds me of a cow pattern)
Smaller version of the above
Transparent Sakura
Butterfly Silhouette
Faerie Silhouette

Elemental Faeries:
Water Faerie #1 (Shown here w/navy BG)
Water Faerie #2
Fire Faerie #1
Fire Faerie #2
Earth Faerie #1
Earth Faerie #2
Air Faerie #1
Air Faerie #2