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Wallpapers - Enough to have its own section   Welcome to the MIT Productions homepage.

In the search of a more convenient yet cheap server, we provide you with multiple services and entertainment. Growing out of the wallpaper section, we'll not only display anime things, but non-anime related things as well.

Members as of now: 4
Members: X, Chibimask, Vegettack, and Poodoo (yes, Poodoo, it's not a typo)
Want to join MIT? E-mail or message X (look at X's page on 'Meet the Team')

Beginning of August - MIT Productions has been completely remodeled, with 5 new sections. More sections are on their way.

August 10 - New subsection in Desktop Goodies: Customizable Backgrounds. Check it out.

August 25 - Wallpapers section got a makeover. Check it out.

February 8 - I just found out this site was born 1.15.02. Happy belated birthday, MIT Productions!

March 1 - Updates to Wallpapers and Art sections.

October 18 - More wallpapers! One from X, and one from Vegettack.

Art & Fanart - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
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Jewelry by Poodoo (coming soon)
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Read the Guestbook Background by X. This is in no relation to MIT Institute of Technology. All anime is copyright their owners. All works are copyright MIT Productions.