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Love Your Inner Luffy!

I made my "Love Your Inner Luffy" T-shirt designs! Sugoi!!! They are here (front) and here (back).

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Luffy & One Piece images:

Cheek Pull
Head Shot #1
Happy Bugger
Grin Shot #1
CD Cover
Vol. 15 Manga Cover
Luffy's Early Sketches
Sticking Out His Tongue
Grin Shot #2
Planner Scan
Luffy Models 1
Luffy Models 2
Luffy Models 3
Luffy Models 4

Unhappy Luffy
Are you afraid of your veggies, or are your veggies afraid of you?
Scary Lady Albita and Luffy
SNES-like version of Luffy
My "One Piece Personality Test" quiz result picture
Remaking the Manga #1: Which is bigger?
Remaking the Manga #2: Gum Gum Tongue?
Remaking the Manga #3: Wave Size and Ocean Motion

Okay, I found these on a One Piece gallery site, but I don't know what the hell it is. They're funny, though. I can't wait to see these on someone's LiveJournal as their user picture.

Panda Head 1: Parasol
Panda Head 2: Swing